Not posting a review today

And here I am, my dear fiction fans! I am back but not with a review, I’m afraid. I had a far too busy day writing my next book in the Supernatural Freak series, so I had no time to finish my Sherlock Holmes review. Yes, I saw the TV series final and I really want to talk about it; only, it’s kind of a long and complex process which is taking a while. So please bear with me and be patient, since I’m... read more

A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Review

Disclaimer: this is, by all means, a story for children. Just like the original books (whose reading level is rated as 3-6) and the film, this Netflix reboot is aimed at a younger audience. And be aware that when I say “for children” I don’t mean like Harry Potter, which was of course for children, but had some actual content that very well could engage mature audience. I really mean just for children,... read more


Here I am guys, back with juicy news! I know I haven’t written much in here lately, but I was super-busy writing and re-writing! So, both first two books of my urban fantasy series have brand new covers, brand new formatting andare available on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS, yay! So many of you emailed me to complain that they couldn’t read my books, since they had a Kobo or a Nook account, well, now I... read more

Harry Potter saves an autistic girl!

Many sad stories came from central Italy, where the earthquake stroke just before Halloween. There is one though, which is a story of courage and hope, that I’d like to share with you all. This is the story of Benedetta and her mum.  Benedetta is an 11 year old autistic child living in Marsciano, near Perugia, alone with her mother. When the Earthquake stroke, they were together in their bedroom,... read more


Recently, thanks to a friend (he’s also a writer) I stumbled upon a number of online competitions which got me a little perplexed. They all followed the same format and all the judges were other writers of the same genres.  Their job was to select unpublished manuscripts of unknown writers which would later be presented to agents. One competition was more prominent than the others. Now, if you know a bit... read more

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