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Not posting a review today

And here I am, my dear fiction fans! I am back but not with a review, I’m afraid. I had a far too busy day writing my next book in the Supernatural Freak series, so I had no time to finish my Sherlock Holmes review. Yes, I saw the TV series final and I really want to talk about it; only, it’s kind of a long and complex process which is taking a while. So please bear with me and be patient, since I’m... read more

A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Review

Disclaimer: this is, by all means, a story for children. Just like the original books (whose reading level is rated as 3-6) and the film, this Netflix reboot is aimed at a younger audience. And be aware that when I say “for children” I don’t mean like Harry Potter, which was of course for children, but had some actual content that very well could engage mature audience. I really mean just for children,... read more

Stranger Things: a review

Yeah, baby, yeah … Just how I like it! Right there … right … theeereee … No, I wasn’t making love nor having an orgasm, relax. I was just binge-watching Stranger Things, the new Netflix Sci-Fi series. The two summer nights I spent in bed, cuddled-up under my duvet with my cat watching Stranger Things were the best nights I had in a long, long time. You think it’s sad and/or pathetic? Maybe. Or maybe... read more

Star Wars, the Force Awakens

WARNING! THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS First of all: CAN I WATCH IT AGAIN?? PLEASE, PRETTY PLEEEEASE??? J May the Force be with you all! I’m a MASSIVE fan of Star Wars, I’ve even put a TON of Star Wars references in my next fantasy book, Supernatural Fog. No wonder I was so looking forward to seeing this movie! And, finally, I did! AND LOVED IT!  🙂 🙂 🙂  I saw this movie with an open mind, since I REFUSED... read more

Pan, a review

OK, this movie sucks. But it’s not as bad, if you’re a kid. I think that the major mistake was to market it as a “film for all” and not a “film for children”. That, and spending over 150 million dollars to make a movie with so many plot holes that it looks more like a fishnet than a story. Now, this review has SPOILERS, so be warned. There are a lot of things that do not add up in this story, the first... read more

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