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Marissa Meyer for Lost in Young Adults

  Dear fiction-fans, we end our Lost in Young Adults event a little late (read here why) but with a BANG!, since we are offering you an interview with Marissa Meyer, the New York Times best- selling author of ‘Cinder’. Now, I have to say I read this book and really enjoined it. It had mixed reviews, some readers and critics pointed out the story was a little bit too superficial and... read more

Ciara Ballintyne for Lost in Young Adults

This is the first guest blog  Ciara Ballintyne writes for Lost in Fiction, you’d better enjoy it!   I came late to young adult books. OK, in all fairness to myself, YA wasn’t the big thing it is now when I was a young adult. Right, now I sound old… Anyway, I jumped straight into adult fantasy at the age of ten and almost entirely missed young adult books. In fact, even to this day, I have only... read more

We’ve got hacked!

Yes, you have just read it correctly: hackers got hold of our website, Facebook page and Twitter account. Yes, you’ve heard me. And no, you don’t need to worry: NO ONE is saying bad things about you (if you’re one of our Twitter followers) and please men, bear in mind that those links to a so-called ‘Online Pharmacy’ selling under-priced Viagra were all fake. You are taking... read more

Gillian Cross for Lost in Young Adults

1) Why young adult? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it? It’s the story that chooses me, and not all my books are for young adults. I tell each one as it needs to be told. But I enjoy writing books that engage with the real world and its complexities – and young adults are a wonderful audience for that kind of story-telling.   2) Is there an author, living or dead, who inspired you... read more

Jo Nadin for Lost in Young Adults

1) Why young adult?  Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it? It was more of a natural progression. I’d been writing for younger children and teens for a number of years. Wonderland started out as a teen novel, but the subject matter got darker, and, like an 18 film, it got a YA certificate.   2) Is there an author, living or dead, who inspired you particularly? We didn’t have YA fiction when... read more

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