“Tree of Life”, by Elita Daniels: a review

If you are looking for a story brimming with romance, mystery and adventure, you must read “The Tree of Life” by Elita Daniels, starring a wonderful cover. It’s a rich fantasy tale with a delicious old-fashioned c designed to be enjoyed by the true fantasy geek. I especially enjoyed the full descriptions of the main characters, their struggle to survive, their dark sides, their doubts,... read more

No role for Waterstone after Mamut takeover

Tim Waterstone will take no role in the chain bearing his name and had no involvement in the Alexander Mamut-led acqusition of Waterstone’s, The Bookseller can reveal. The HMV Group announced this morning Waterstone’s that has been sold to Mamut’s A&NN Group for £53m, with London bookseller and close friend of the Russian billionaire James Daunt to become the managing director of the chain, as... read more

More agents to become “publishers”

Literary agents Curtis Brown and Blake Friedman have said they are planning to follow Ed Victor’s move into publishing, after he announced an e-book and print-on-demand venture earlier this week. Curtis Brown m.d. Jonathan Lloyd said: “Where Ed Victor leads, others follow—and we are right behind him, but with a rather larger list.” He added that making out-of-print works available would... read more

Something Borrowed

If you’re planning to go to watch “Something borrowed”, thinking it’s an amusing, light romantic comedey able to light-up your day, please don’t do it. Don’t go, since It’s not a pleasant romantic comedy, but just a waste of money, your money in this case. and after 5 minutes watching it you will want to inflict a slow and painful death to the whole cast, the... read more

E-book sales at Hachette UK quadrupled!

E-book sales at Hachette UK now 5% and catching US 03.05.11 E-book sales at Hachette UK quadrupled in the first quarter of 2011 and are more than 5% of HUK’s trade sales, the company revealed today (3rd May), adding that it was beginning to catch up with the US, where e-books now account for 22% of sales. It projected that e-books could account for up to 10% of revenues in the UK in 2011. The numbers were... read more

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