Supernatural Freak finally OUT!

Dear Fiction-fans I’m happy to announce that Supernatural Freak is finally  available on Amazon. What happened? You are probably wondering by now, “wasn’t it supposed to be online on the 8th of August?” It was, at first. Then, if you read my update (see it here, if you haven’t) A considerable amount of people asked us an update during these two months, an update we were not able to give, since we were not... read more

Supernatural Freak: excerpt

CHAPTER 1 Being alone, in the middle of nowhere, at night, is for sure a scary situation. Still, the true Londoner doesn’t lose her head, but takes a deep breath, smoothes the pleats on her jacket and goes in search of a Bobby, or a black cab. Only foreigners freak out in such circumstances. Londoners, on the other hand, being the most British of all British people, never ever freak out. Still, when... read more

Site under re-construction

Hi Fiction-fans! This just to let you know that we are updating the site, giving it a lot of new features. That means that it will do weird things for a few hours. Sorry if it causes you any inconvenience. The Lost in Fiction team read more

Graphic is cool!

Now, one doesn’t need to be an expert in the field, to understand how important the image is in the digital age. For a start, images came long before the written word (you’ve heard of cavemen painting stuff on cave walls, haven’t you?) and were used for a long, long time to educate those who couldn’t read and write who were the vast majority of the people. Think about illuminated manuscripts, which could... read more

PR and MEDIA GURU list

Hello  Fiction-fans! Today we will talk about Twitter! I personally am a huge fan of mini-blogging, especially Twitter and the way it’s structured. I found my wonderful job at BMW thanks to this social medium. With time, I got particularly skilful at Twitter and I’m very willing to put my knowledge at your service, starting with this exciting, juicy list I paste below. I have built it up with time, it’s a... read more