Suzanne van Rooyen’s interview

1)WHY DO YOU TELL STORIES? Because there is no better way to take a break from reality than by diving into a new and different world with colourful characters spawned from my own imagination. I tell stories because the process is cathartic and the end result is something I love sharing with others, offering readers entertainment and escapism, and if I manage to provoke discussion, elicit emotion and to... read more

A very insightful review!

Since internet was on and off (mostly off) these days, because of the snow, I couldn’t post the cool review by Michelle of Bookbrief. Go and read it. It’s a 3 star review but, believe me, it’s GOOD 3 STARS!... read more

Another amazing review!!!!

Hey Fiction-Fans! I have another amazing review of Supernatural Freak for you!! It’s by the amazing Megan of Love, Literature, Art and Reason. Go and read it!! And follow her right now!!!!... read more

Interview and giveaway

Don’t miss my interview plus giveaway at the wonderful blog Turners Antics! read more


My first 5 star review! Yay!!!! :))))))))) It’s by wonderful Chelsea of the Random Girl blog!  Enjoy! read more

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