Yes, people, Supernatural Freak reached 100 ads on (or whatever you call them) on Goodreads! I know that bestselling authors have like, 3000 ads on Goodreads (or even more), but to me, humble indie author who published just 3 months ago, it is a huge, HUGE achievement. 100 people FROM ALL OVER THE WORD have actually added my book. They bought it, want to read it or are currently reading it. I think... read more

‘Priceless’, a review

And it’s time to pimp other writers, Fiction-Fans! I cannot always brag about myself, can I?  This post is about Shannon Mayer an, let me tell you…. This woman rocks! Her books rock! I always say (and mean it) that I write the stories I would like to read. Yeah, I like to write, but when someone else does all the hard work and I just have to sit and enjoy, it’s even better! That was really the case with... read more


Guys, you rock! You keep helping me and I’m amazed! This morning I reached #17,997 in the Amazon chart! This is my new personal record! THANK YOU! Here’s the pic: To top it off, one of my colleagues called me this morning TO TELL ME I WAS #75 IN THE BRITISH AMAZON PARANORMAL CHART! Hurray! I mean, I know it’s only the UK chart but … THANK MATES! It was time you found this great P.G Wodehouse fan!!!... read more

Amazon rank

6609 downloads. In 3 days. So many people have downloaded Supernatural Freak, amazing! You were awesome. AWESOME. Two hours ago, I checked my updated ranking and.. It’s 77,848!   I know, it’s far from the top 100, but it means that there are only 77,848 books which are currently doing better than mine on Amazon, which is hosting over 5 millions books! I had never gone over 100,000 in the Amazon ranking,... read more


6000 downloads! 1000 only today. WOW. And I have been #1 on the fantasy/paranormal chart for 48 hours in a row now. SO I am keeping the book FREE FOR ANOTHER 24 HOURS. Go ahead. Go and download it!... read more

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