More GOOD reviews!!!

HI everyone, I hope you had a GREAT weekend! Lots of good news about Supernatural Freak: first, lots of new good reviews have come up, mostly 4 and 5 stars (and one 3, but it’s good 3! 😉 ) First, we have 3 from Amazon reviewers, the first (4 stars) is titled ‘FUN, FUN, FUN’, you can read it here  Then we have a 5 star one, by Rosemary Riggal (another Amazon reviewer). You can read it... read more

Waco and Boston :(

The day I was bragging about best selling author Jesse Petersen following Lost in Fiction on Twitter, another terrible tragedy happened in America, in my opinion even worse than the Boston bombing: the explosion at Waco fertiliser factory, in Texas. Now, don’t get me wrong, last thing I want is to underestimate what happened in Boston: people died, many were injured with life-changing injuries. But that... read more

Jesse Petersen follows me! Yay!

Yes, we are talking about the super-famous zombie and urban fantasy author! She has started following Lost in Fiction on Twitter yesterday, apparently an humble indie author like me is good enough for her ladyship Jesse Petersen, super-freaking amazing author of action-packed, hilarious bestselling books!  I read her whole zombie series and it was aweeesooome! I had an amazing time with her books, all New... read more

Boston :(

Dear readers, Here at Lost in Fiction we all agreed not to publish the teaser Tuesday post today, out of respect for the Boston’s victims. It is really difficult to talk about entertaining books, while there are people dead or permanently injured and an entire family devastated by the loss of a child. We are sure you’ll understand. The Lost in Fiction Team read more

Supernatural Teaser

And here we are again, Fiction-Fans! I have decided to become a ‘Teaser Tuesday’ blogger, which means that  every Tuesday I am going to post some random lines I like of a book I am reading, to share it with you all. I think this is a great way to spread the love for fiction and good stories, so I’m trying to give my own little contribution! In the meantime, I have decided to create a sort of weekly column... read more

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