Hi there! Tomorrow I will undergo surgery. Will probably off 2 days, not more. Just cross yr fingers for me, Thanks! 🙂 read more

Supernatural Fog updates!

Hello, Fiction-Fans! Recently, I’ve got a number of emails asking me about Supernatural Fog, the sequel to Supernatural Freak. Well, I have rather good news for you! Although my life has been hectic these last 4 months (and truly it seems not to have any intention to slow down), I managed to write over 30000 words of the first draft. I have also solved a number of plot-related problems and I am now... read more

Whiskey Sour, a review

If you are into indie publishing, you know that Joe Konrath’ blog is the bible of self published authors. It skips me why I picked up a book of his, only a year after I started reading his blog. Misteries of the blogosphere, I suppose. Since, as you know, I like kick ass heroines, my choice fell on Whiskey Sour, the first of the Jack Daniel’s books. And mine was an excellent choice since,... read more