Supernatural Fog!

And here’s the moment you were all waiting for (hopefully) the Supernatural Fog cover reveal! Guys, I’m so proud of this cover! My awesome digital artist Regina Wamba and I worked really hard on it and I believe it shows! Below, the cover, the blurb and the list of the WONDERFUL bloggers who joined me for the reveal!    1) Learn how to use your new powers; 2) Find the other spirits; 3) Keep up... read more

The Man of Steel

To cut a long story short: save your money. Save. Your.  Money. I had a free ticket to watch this movie and I am already pretty disappointed. I would be FURIOUS if I had paid for this. I passed over two hours wondering  ‘who the hell wrote this crap’ and then I realised it was Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. You all know Nolan’s Batman and then Goyer… Well, He’s the one who brought ‘The Crow’ and... read more

Alive and kicking!

Hi everyone, I’m back! Alive and kicking! First let me say this: I could kiss European welfare in the mouth. Everything was FREE, from pre-surgery blood tests, to the actual surgery (a team of experienced doctors did it), to the night I spent in the hospital in a single room! I paid only 5 bucks for the post-surgery meds, which would have cost me 80 euros, otherwise! For the first time, I realised... read more