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The Child and The Moon

This was going to be a deep, smart post about the publishing world in general and self-publishing in particular. But then, this artist friend made this video and I want to share it with you. That’s because I think that this video truly catches what I call ‘the storyteller’s core’.  We storytellers are all a bunch of children desperately wanting to reach the moon. Well, guys, keep... read more

Supernatural Fog on Wattpad!

Yeeeeees!!!!!! I’ve been working so hard this last month! Now the first (readable) draft is ready and I am going to post one-two chapters every Friday until it’s done! Like the previous book, Supernatural Freak it’s brief and packed with action! I’m looking forward to read you constructive criticism folks! They’re everything to a writer! Supernatural Freak was rather... read more

FREE Supernatural Freak II EDITION

The good thing about indie publishing, is that there’s no filter between the writer (in this case, me) and her readers (in this case, you). The first edition of Supernatural Freak was very well-received when it got out, a little over nine monts ago. Still, some of you suggested a few improvements and, since I am very open to constructive criticism, I was very happy to listen and change a few things.... read more