The Abortionist’s Daughter: a review

I stumbled upon the Mad Fashionista’s blog while looking for review for House M.D. Being a hard core fan of Hugh Laurie and the show, I was getting more and more disappointed by season 7 and wanted to check if other fans were feeling the same. Well, Elisa De Carlo (The Mad Fashionista’s real name) definitely agreed with me. She posted a string of witty, brilliant reviews who made me laugh out loud.... read more

I’m a terrible blogger

I know, I know. I haven’t updated the blog much lately. Thing is,  I was super-focused on Supernatural Fog, which is book 2 in my Supernatural Freak saga. Plus, I was writing a lot of promotional stuff (brochures etc) for people who actually pay me to do so, allowing me to pay my rent, for example. The end result is that I’m stressed and practically live on coffee. The guy at the coffee shop... read more