Happy Monday!

Hello Fiction-Fans! This year I had to cope with a lot of changes and had to overcome a number of difficult situations but guess what? What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger and, in my case, also made my writing style better! 🙂 So, in spite of everything that was thrown at me, I am still here blogging and about to finish Supernatural Fog  and to celebrate this, I want to spread some awesomeness... read more

Waterstones Book of the Year shortlist 2014!

And it’s that time of the year again, Fiction’Fans! Yesterday got my email with the shortlist of the  Waterstones Book of the Year and I’m so SO excited! If you do not live in the UK, you might not know what Waterstones is, well, it’s kind of our Borders, the biggest UK book chain, with dozens of shops scattered all over the country. This prize is very selective, so the book chosen... read more

The vampire Shrink book review

My first animated book review! Hope you’ll enjoy it ad maybe buy the book and read it over the weekend!     read more