Hello Fiction-Fans! Happy Monday is back with another amazing photo by our super-talented Paolo Brunetti. This was taken in a dreamy place in central Italy, where almost no one ever goes, since it’s kind of a secret. The nature is totally unspoilt there and, since we waht to keep it this way, I won’t tell you were this amazing valley is! 😉 So, whether you’re already back in the office or... read more

Merry Xmas!

Happy Xmas everybody! May this day bring you joy, love and good luck.  If you’re Jewish, Hannukah has just passed (ended  on Xms eve this year!) and I hope you all received lots of presents and wasnt too bothered by your Jewis mamas! ;). Being half German, I’m a total Xmas geek and this is, for me, the best time of the year. To celebrate, this year I offer you a stunning Xmas card by... read more


And I’m baaaack! Guys, Rome was amazing! Just be careful and take a smartphone with you since there’s no Starbucks and you’ll find very little wirereless around. I got cut off for 2 weeks, managind to check emails and ost a few potos from a nearby bar but I really have a lot of catching up to do with emails and other cyber stuff. On the other hand, without the internet I managed to to a... read more

The Mario Praz Museum

Ok, so on bank holiday in Italy, it’s IMPOSSIBLE and I really mean IMPOSSIBLE to visit the Vatican Museum. I mean, unless you’re Harry Potter and you can apparate anywhere you want, just FORGET to visit said museums the weekend before 8th December. So,  decided to be an outsider even in matter of museums and followed a friend’s advice and went to the Mario Praz Museum. This is a house... read more


Ande here’s another week thrown at us! Let me send some awesomeness your way thanks to this amazing Paolo Brunetti‘photo: a flock of exotic birds flying in the Caribbean sky. No, seriously, how does he do it? Hope it helps you going through the day! 🙂 May you flight high this week, like these birds do! Writing about my first Rome museum in the next post! Enjoy! 🙂... read more

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