Blogger spotlight: Susan MacMartin

You know how it is, when you’re introduced to some stunning beautiful girl that makes you feel even more nerdish than you’re already are? Usually, a female ‘s first reaction is “yes, she’s attractive, but I bet she’s a goose” then she starts talking and you find out that she’s funny, has a degree from a prestigious university, maybe even a PHD … And you’re like “What the hell? Isn’t there any justice in... read more

Pan, a review

OK, this movie sucks. But it’s not as bad, if you’re a kid. I think that the major mistake was to market it as a “film for all” and not a “film for children”. That, and spending over 150 million dollars to make a movie with so many plot holes that it looks more like a fishnet than a story. Now, this review has SPOILERS, so be warned. There are a lot of things that do not add up in this story, the first... read more


THANKSGIVING IS TODAY, 26TH OF NOVEMBER!! I MESSED-UP WITH THE DATES, SORRY! THE UPSIDE IS THAT I CAN … WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 So, yesterday in the US was Thanksgiving Day. Now, obviously here in Europe we don’t have it, but still, it made me think about what I’m grateful for these days. I really gave it a thought yesterday, while I was working with my colleague... read more


Susan Ortlieb is the smart lady behind the award-winning blog Suko’s Notebook. I “met” her online when I had just started blogging in 2010. She was kind enough to take part to a couple of online events I organised, then gave me 100% support when my first book came out, at the end of 2012. Susan was, and still is, a constant inspiration to better myself. She’s a very educated lady with a family and a job... read more

Supernatural Fog release day!

And drum roll please! Yes, I have a release date for Supernatural Fog … Suspense … More Suspense … And the winner is … SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY 2016! Yes, guys,you’ve got it! Since the romantic element in this book is much stronger, I chose this date to help the book shine. I went through hell to finish the sequel to Supernatural Freak (you can read about what happened... read more

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