Blogger Spotlight!

  This is a blogger spotlight but also a stop of my mini blog tour to celebrate the imminent release of Supernatural Fog. I discovered Mandy’s The Reading Diaries while looking for bloggers who could be interested in my Supernatural Series (note to my audience: I ONLY contact bloggers I really like. I do NOT contact random people taken from online lists). To me, what really made Mandy’s blog stood out... read more

My Guestpost at Chapterbreak

Hello Fiction-Fans! In spite of a horrid week where week where David Bowie and Alan Rickman died, my blog tour continues. Head down to Chapter Break and read my guest post about flawed heroines and their right to be so! Read it here. read more

Supernatural Blog Tour!

So, I didn’t say anything, since one must be 100% sure of these things but … The blog tour for Supernatural Fog kick starts today!!! Jump to Anna Simpson’s blog right now and also, check out her books, she’s a cozy mystery author! Here‘s the link to Anna’s blog and  the link to her book, “White Light“.... read more

The Babe With a Power

The Goblin King is dead. I wish I could say “Long live the new Goblin King”, but this one was irreplaceable. There was only one David Bowie, one Ziggy, one White Duke. One Goblin King. If the world was fair, his extraordinary talent should have allowed him to escape death, but we all know that the world’s not fair at all. Today I’m here to pay him a tribute, being one lucky kid who, in spite of her young... read more

My Patronus is a filofax

So, you know when you feel exhausted and demotivated? When you’re working your butt off to make things happen, but they don’t? That’s when you really feel helpless and frustrated. And super-low. I was feeling that way, yesterday. Why? Well, as I said, I’m working like crazy at the following: Second pass of Supernatural Fog with Secret Amazing Editor; Cool formatting of the new edition of Supernatural... read more

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