Brexit or not Brexit? This is the question …

So her I am and here we are. Referendum day. Maybe Brexit day, although this is just a consulting referendum so, in the end, the British government will do what it wants. Anyway, today is the day when Brits are called to choose between civilisation and going back to being Medieval Little England with Farage and Johnson acting as a makeshift King and queen (I’ll let to your imagination decide... read more

England, here I come!!!

I’m flying today to the UK for the referendum! Will post updates about London and Brexit ASAP. Cross your fingers that everything goes well, folks! 😉 Hope I land safe and sound, so that I can update you and post lots of photos about what’s going on. I usually don’t have a problems with airplanes, but it has been a while now and after all the deaths in the family I had to deal with in... read more

Desperately sad

Hello everyone. Just a quick update to tell you that I have lost 4 pets since February and I’m devastated. After Martino, whose death was expected, he being so ill and frail, 3 of my dearest cats passed away. I lost the last one today, his name for Theo and he was the wisest and sweetets cat we ever had. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much these days, lots of good things happened to me... read more