Recently, thanks to a friend (he’s also a writer) I stumbled upon a number of online competitions which got me a little perplexed. They all followed the same format and all the judges were other writers of the same genres.  Their job was to select unpublished manuscripts of unknown writers which would later be presented to agents. One competition was more prominent than the others. Now, if you know a bit... read more

Zombies Versus Aliens, Versus Vampires, Versus Dinosaurs

I stumbled upon “Zombies Versus Aliens Versus Vampires, Versus Dinosaurs”  by chance, since on Amazon was among the ‘also bought’ of my first urban fantasy “Supernatural Freak”. I often have a look at my also bought, partly because I love to know my readers better, partly because I of course like my books, so I assume that I will like the books bought by my readers. So,... read more