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Hi Fiction-Fans! I hope you’re fine. I, so and so. I mean I still have to digest a lot of stuff. Are you ready? Here we go:

  • As you know, I was celebrating the 14th of July and the French Revolution with my family, when we got those terrible news from Nice. I have 3 cousins living there, it took a little while to get hold of them in the middle of the night, when I opened Twitter after the party and found out what had happened. Lots of things are unclear about this attack and a lot of CRUCIAL questions about security in Nice and how a huge truck could reach the Promenade which was CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC. Everyone is super-angry in France and, finally, an inquest has been opened, let’s hope we’ll get some answers.


  • I’m writing like crazy a prequel to Supernatural Freak which should be ready … when it’s ready. I have a release date in mind, but I’m not telling you yet, because I just want to be 100% sure to tell you the right date and not brag about something which isn’t ready yet. All I can tell you for now is the title: FAIRY WINGS.


  • I’m also working at Supernatural Freak book 3 which should be ready in early 2017 THE LATEST. Again, I’m writing it like mad but I’m also trying to work at multiple projects at a time, not easy, but getting there! 😉


  • Always on the book front, I’m re-branding the entire series, thanks to an amazing cover designer and an awesome book interior designer. More about that in future posts.


  • You’ll happy to know that, after several adjustments in my life, I’m back blogging full time. I am working at a steady blogging schedule, please bear with me! I have lots of books and series to review, as well as nerdish products for writers … can’t wait to share it all with you!


  • After over 10 years saving like crazy every little cent and penny that came across my wallet, living either at home or in shared houses I can proudly announce that … I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN PLACE! It will be ready this autumn, can’t wait to show it to you, it will have a beautiful home office area, a colourful kitchen … to get an idea, just follow me on Pinterest and see what type of rooms ideas I’m saving!


And that’s all folks, more updates soon this week!





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