Blogger Spotlight!

To call her a blogger, is probably reductive. Jenny Lawson is more than a blogger, is a blog goddess, no wonder her blog is called “Bloggess”. She’s also an outstanding, funny writer who manages to speak about mental illness in a funny, entertaining way while underlining what a TOUGH, DIFFICULT DISEASE IT IS. Jenny is an absurdly talented journalist and a humorous writer who teaches people to embrace... read more

Ciara Ballintyne for Lost in Young Adults

This is the first guest blog  Ciara Ballintyne writes for Lost in Fiction, you’d better enjoy it!   I came late to young adult books. OK, in all fairness to myself, YA wasn’t the big thing it is now when I was a young adult. Right, now I sound old… Anyway, I jumped straight into adult fantasy at the age of ten and almost entirely missed young adult books. In fact, even to this day, I have only... read more

Blogger Susan Ortlieb for Lost in Romance

And here’s another brilliant guest post, this time by our devoted fan Susan Ortlieb of, a fun, interesting book blog with a wonderful graphic which we at Lost in Fiction find very relaxing (all those clouds and pastel colours … just check it out, you’ll know what we mean!). And now, here’s Suko’s post:     Although I’m writing a post for Lost... read more