The vampire Shrink book review

My first animated book review! Hope you’ll enjoy it ad maybe buy the book and read it over the weekend!     read more

Supernatural Freak reviewed by YA Book Crazy!

Another 4 star review!!! Yay!!! And it’s by an awesome blogger who has just started blogging but, nevertheless, has an awesome blog!! OK, I say awesome too much, really have to restrain myself , LOL!  Kate Fahey deserves new followers and new readers, so first read her review, then browse her and, last but not least, FOLLOW HER! Yeah, I know, I am that bossy…:)... read more

Blogger Latoya Hudson for Lost in Young Adults

And here’s another brilliant review by by blogger Latoya Hudson of LittleLibraryMuse. This is a super-popular, exciting blog. In case you’d been raised by wolves and don’t know it yet, get out of your cave and visit it! Here’s the review of “The Goddess Test” by Aimee Carter:     The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter is a fantastic read set in modern times. What is great about this book is... read more