Graphic is cool!

Now, one doesn’t need to be an expert in the field, to understand how important the image is in the digital age. For a start, images came long before the written word (you’ve heard of cavemen painting stuff on cave walls, haven’t you?) and were used for a long, long time to educate those who couldn’t read and write who were the vast majority of the people. Think about illuminated manuscripts, which could... read more

PR and MEDIA GURU list

Hello  Fiction-fans! Today we will talk about Twitter! I personally am a huge fan of mini-blogging, especially Twitter and the way it’s structured. I found my wonderful job at BMW thanks to this social medium. With time, I got particularly skilful at Twitter and I’m very willing to put my knowledge at your service, starting with this exciting, juicy list I paste below. I have built it up with time, it’s a... read more

12 useful tips for PR people

1)      If they tell you a product is not suitable for their publication, please listen.  Also, you should avoid insisting and saying things such as ‘You don’t understand why your readers need to know about this product.’ This won’t win anyone over.   2)      You need to know your subject and exactly what you are selling. So many PRs fail to understand the ‘story’ they are trying to push. You must also... read more

News from marketing specialist Bruce Clark

Hi fiction-fans! My name is Bruce Clark and, if you are a blogger, you might have already dealt with me because of the Supernatural Freak cover reveal.  I’m glad to tell you there’s not much left to wait, since the book will be released in a few days. I won’t give you a specific date yet since, after all that has happened, we prefer to be superstitious and wait until the way is clear, if... read more