Carla Sarett for Lost in Romance

Enjoy this beautiful short story by Carla Sarett, an exclusive for Lost in Romance! The Rabbi’s Lesson Carla Sarett Rabbi Lev Singer was a young man, only recently married and not that happily. But as he addressed his Marriage Preparation Course, he put his own domestic woes aside.  Today he had thought of an inventive, even amusing, game to complete the term. “Marriage is a special thing,” he... read more

Carla Sarett for Lost in Romance!

1) Why Romance? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it? Well, I wake up with a story in my head, and I take it from there, so I suppose romance chose me.  I love old Hollywood movies, and I wanted to capture some of that charm and wit in a modern way.   But romance can be anything — a mystery, a comedy, a metaphysical journey.   2) Please, tell us about your last book and,... read more

Carla Sarett: Forever Unread – thoughts on romantic fiction

  And here’s another old friend of Lost in Fiction: super-talented Carla Sarett! You can enjoy another of her original short stories here: Hope you like this new story as much as the previous one!   Forever Unread – thoughts on romantic fiction A batch of submissions sits on the editor’s desk at Forever Unread. Among them is a well-plotted short story in which... read more