Blogger Naida Milenkovic for Lost in Romance

And here’s another insightful guest post, this time by Naida Milenkovic of “The Bookworm” ( You might already know her, since her blog is super-popular. If you don’t, just be ashamed of yourself and go check her website NOW!!!:)     Romance is one of my favorite genres for several reasons. A well written romance novel can break my heart, but in a good way. I... read more

Elise Rome, an interview for Lost in Romance

      1. Why Romance? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it? First, thank you so much for having me on the blog today! I think it’s an equal mix of both. =) I don’t understand why I’d want to read or write sad endings when I could have happy ones instead, and although I’ve enjoyed reading books in other genres in the past, romance is always the genre that... read more

Jessica Barksdale Inclan: an interview for Lost in Romance.

1) Why Romance? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it? My second agent had the idea I should try my hand at romance, as I tend to have a lot of story ideas.  He was trying to give me another avenue of expression.  When I thought about the story I wanted to tell, I imagined a very dark, sexy man at a bar, and that man became Sariel in my first romance, When You Believe.  I really... read more

Books of Love by Jessica Pease, for Lost in Romance

Enjoy an article by Jessica Pease of, an exciting blog full of book reviews and competitions. Don’t miss it, or you’ll regret it!     That warm and fuzzy feeling when your tummy does flip flops reading a romance, is why I go back for more. I love romance novels. My first experience reading a romance was Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, what an epic story this is.... read more