The Hobbit: an unexpected journey

Here is my review of the last Peter Jackson’s film, hosted by the super-megaawesome Ciara Ballintyne:... read more

Jane Clarke a guest post

Lost in Childhood continues with a moving post by Jane Clarke. Get the tissues ready boys and girls, you will need them!   My Dog brother I was an only child, but I wasn’t a lonely only child, because I had a dog. Tinker wasn’t much to look at – a mid sized mongrel with pointy ears, a teapot tail and a high pitched yap – but that didn’t matter. To me, he was my brother and we loved each other... read more

Blogger Emma Timney For Lost in Romance

  And we end our Romance marathon with an insightful, yet entertaining guest post by Ms Timney of BelleBooks (, an award-winning UK blog, definitely one of the best 10 in the UK. Enjoy! Romance in Literature – Coutney Cole’s Bloodstone Saga In 2011 I read 241 books, a mixture of young adult and adult, paranormal, dystopian, love stories, heart wrenching sob stories and... read more

Blogger Latoya Hudson for Lost in Romance

And Lost in Romance continues, this time with a book review by blogger Latoya Hudson of LittleLibraryMuse. This is a super-popular, exciting blog. In case you’d been raised by wolves and don’t know it yet, get out of your cave and visit it! Here’s the review of Night Hawk by Beverly Jenkins:     In the moment that her surprised eyes met his, he was already wading the horse into the... read more

Blogger Nereyda Gonzalez for Lost in Romance

Lost in Romance continues with a review of ‘Dearly Departed’ by Lia Habel. This review is blogger Nereyda Gonzalez of This is a fun, crazy, SPARKLY blog, you’d better not miss it! Here’s the review: *Dearly, Departed* *By Lia Habel* *Release Date: 10/18/11* *Harcover/e-book* *470 pages* Book Description from Amazon: Love can never die. Love conquers... read more

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