A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Review

Disclaimer: this is, by all means, a story for children. Just like the original books (whose reading level is rated as 3-6) and the film, this Netflix reboot is aimed at a younger audience. And be aware that when I say “for children” I don’t mean like Harry Potter, which was of course for children, but had some actual content that very well could engage mature audience. I really mean just for children,... read more

Harry Potter saves an autistic girl!

Many sad stories came from central Italy, where the earthquake stroke just before Halloween. There is one though, which is a story of courage and hope, that I’d like to share with you all. This is the story of Benedetta and her mum.  Benedetta is an 11 year old autistic child living in Marsciano, near Perugia, alone with her mother. When the Earthquake stroke, they were together in their bedroom,... read more

My Patronus is a filofax

So, you know when you feel exhausted and demotivated? When you’re working your butt off to make things happen, but they don’t? That’s when you really feel helpless and frustrated. And super-low. I was feeling that way, yesterday. Why? Well, as I said, I’m working like crazy at the following: Second pass of Supernatural Fog with Secret Amazing Editor; Cool formatting of the new edition of Supernatural... read more

WB’s Harry Potter Studios!

Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence, but had to catch up with work and finally did! My zeal was rewarded by children’s best-selling author Suzy Jane Tanner, who treated me to a trip to…. The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios!!! Those famous ones In London!!! Yaaaay!!! So, here I am, ready to share with you this amazing experience: First, after a rather long journey on the London overground, we were picked... read more