Harry Potter saves an autistic girl!

Many sad stories came from central Italy, where the earthquake stroke just before Halloween. There is one though, which is a story of courage and hope, that I’d like to share with you all. This is the story of Benedetta and her mum.  Benedetta is an 11 year old autistic child living in Marsciano, near Perugia, alone with her mother. When the Earthquake stroke, they were together in their bedroom,... read more


And I’m baaaack! Guys, Rome was amazing! Just be careful and take a smartphone with you since there’s no Starbucks and you’ll find very little wirereless around. I got cut off for 2 weeks, managind to check emails and ost a few potos from a nearby bar but I really have a lot of catching up to do with emails and other cyber stuff. On the other hand, without the internet I managed to to a... read more

Natasha Brown: A Land Where Love Stories Are Made

  For my twenty-first birthday, my boyfriend and I were gifted a trip to Italy. My grandmother, who had until then only given me underwear and socks, surprised me with tickets to Italy. Our flight from California was long, and felt like we had lapped the sun twice (or maybe more). We were so used to flying, by the time we landed in Milan, our stomachs kept moving. Eager to get off the most expensive... read more