Supernatural Fog release day!

And drum roll please! Yes, I have a release date for Supernatural Fog … Suspense … More Suspense … And the winner is … SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY 2016! Yes, guys,you’ve got it! Since the romantic element in this book is much stronger, I chose this date to help the book shine. I went through hell to finish the sequel to Supernatural Freak (you can read about what happened... read more

Writing through the storm: how I finished Supernatural Fog in spite of everything!

If you read this blog and follow my social media, you know I’ve been through a tough time in the last two years. The two years I passed writing Supernatural Fog (among other things). It took me much longer that planned to finish this book and in this post I’m going to tell you why. This is going to be a long post, so be ready to seat and read for a while! But first two things: THANKS TO MY FANS FOR THEIR... read more


GUUUUUUYS!!!!! I’m BAAAACK! I’ve gone through all sort of crap in the last two years, culminating with my website being hacked and staying down for a MONTH! Now, back on the saddle with website back on (and new website on its way) and all sort of exciting stuff going on. First and foremost, I can give you some EXCELLENT NEWS! So, drum roll please … SUPERNATURAL FOG IS FINISHEEEEED!... read more