Hello Fiction-Fans! How are you all? Enjoying life? Reading a good book? Watching an awesome movie? I hope so! Just very quickly I’d like to share with you something awesome that has happened to me lately. If you read my previous posts, you know I’ve had a very tough year and had to face all sort of difficulties which greatly affected my writing. Of course, when you have to deal with major... read more


And Rome it is!  Guys, no words can describe how excited I am!  This is going to be the BEST WRITING RETREAT EVER!  Starting the day with a French croissant, a latte and a wonderful view over Saint Peter!  More updates later on!  Now I am going out for a walk in this wonderful city, then I PROMISE I’m going to write for four hours. It’s the deal here: AT LEAST 4 hours writing, or you lose your... read more

Alive and kicking!

Hi everyone, I’m back! Alive and kicking! First let me say this: I could kiss European welfare in the mouth. Everything was FREE, from pre-surgery blood tests, to the actual surgery (a team of experienced doctors did it), to the night I spent in the hospital in a single room! I paid only 5 bucks for the post-surgery meds, which would have cost me 80 euros, otherwise! For the first time, I realised... read more

More GOOD reviews!!!

HI everyone, I hope you had a GREAT weekend! Lots of good news about Supernatural Freak: first, lots of new good reviews have come up, mostly 4 and 5 stars (and one 3, but it’s good 3! 😉 ) First, we have 3 from Amazon reviewers, the first (4 stars) is titled ‘FUN, FUN, FUN’, you can read it here  Then we have a 5 star one, by Rosemary Riggal (another Amazon reviewer). You can read it... read more