And here I am! Back with you! Still groggy after a gigantic New Year’s Eve veggie dinner (which I PROMISE looked much more mouth-watering than this):       also had a nice party with my closest friends, spent mostly watching films (last night I went to bed at 4 a.m)  and waiting for the countdown. I loved the movies (one of them was, of course, New Year’s Eve! with Zac Ephron 😉 ) but found the countdown a... read more

New Year’s Eve, a review by Bodie Shallenberger

New year’s Eve, film, review, Zac Efron, Gary Marshall, Michelle Pfeiffer. “New Year’s Eve” is the romantic comedy that intertwines the stories of a multitude of big-name actors/actresses serving the hyped-up, stereotypical one night that anything could happen: New Year’s Eve. The quality that makes it instantly appealing is the number of well-known stars that are a part of the story. One may single... read more