‘Priceless’, a review

And it’s time to pimp other writers, Fiction-Fans! I cannot always brag about myself, can I?  This post is about Shannon Mayer an, let me tell you…. This woman rocks! Her books rock! I always say (and mean it) that I write the stories I would like to read. Yeah, I like to write, but when someone else does all the hard work and I just have to sit and enjoy, it’s even better! That was really the case with... read more

Another great review by Katie Of Turner’s Antics!

Don’t miss it! Go and read it!:)))) And FOLLOW this blog! DO IT NOW!;) read more

Another stunning review!

Another amazing Supernatural Freak review at Paperbook Princess! read more

Another review!

Hello Fiction-Fans! Another stunning review of my Supernatural Freak is on! Don’t miss it at awesome Donna’s blog! read more

Blogger Eileen for Lost in Young Adults

 Here’s another brilliant post from super-talented and bubbly blogger Eileen. Just do NOT miss her blog ( since she’s brilliant and dedicated, although she is barely a teen (yes, you’ ve got it right: she is only 13! And has an amazing blog!!!). Anyway, below there’s her review… Enjoy! Author: Jennifer Estep Publishing Company: Kensington... read more

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