Susan Ortlieb is the smart lady behind the award-winning blog Suko’s Notebook. I “met” her online when I had just started blogging in 2010. She was kind enough to take part to a couple of online events I organised, then gave me 100% support when my first book came out, at the end of 2012. Susan was, and still is, a constant inspiration to better myself. She’s a very educated lady with a family and a job... read more

Susan Ortlieb, THANK YOU!

This is a post totally dedicated to Susan Ortlieb, the amazing blogger behind the book blog Suko’s Notebook (go and check it out, you won’t regret it). Susan has supported Lost in Fiction from the very beginning, when we started organizing online events to promote the website. She took part to Lost in Romance (see her post here: and to Lost in Young... read more

Blogger Susan Ortlieb for Lost in Young Adults

And here’s another brilliant guest post, this time by our devoted fan Susan Ortlieb of, a fun, interesting book blog with a wonderful graphic which we at Lost in Fiction find very relaxing (all those clouds and pastel colours … just check it out, you’ll know what we mean!). And now, here’s Suko’s review:   “LOSING ELIZABETH”   “Losing Elizabeth” by Tanya... read more